Sunday, October 8, 2017

Irrigation Upgrade The Wash up and Octoberfest

Sorry it has take a while to get back to updating the blog on course matters. We have been busy preparing the course for major events, catching up on work not attended during the back 9 Irrigation install project and commencing Octoberfest, (no not drinking beer but the start of course renovations Greens October 2, Tees October 9 and Fairways October 11) The renovations continue what has been an incredibly busy 3 months so the beers will flow once complete :)........

The latest update on the Back 9 upgrade..ITS IN !!!!!!! The system tested and its working mighty fine!

Whilst the majority of the main work was completed early September other work commitments meant the minor associated works with the install project get done between other priority work. The scour valves, nursery and isolation from old pipes at the bore pump all completed last week.
The wiring of the back 9 pump into the system will be complete this week ready for the summer and irrigation season ahead. We have been irrigating when required intermittently the past few weeks for all areas without issue.  (Not that you would know, not having to play golf without sprinklers on for a change)

Some fact and figures from the install

Staff worked a combined 1250 hours over the 3 week install period
25 committed members volunteered for retic and course maintenance associated works. Working various days between them on average 4 to 5 hours a day, with a follow up 2  hours drinking (not telling the wives that though)
Di made 1kg of biscuits and 5kg of cakes for staff sustenance morning tea ...YUM
We trenched 8Km of trenches with Jetlines Trencher  generously provided by none other than Jetline
We piped 7.5Km of pipe ( Graham and Mick got carried away with trenching)
Glued 1600 joints and 2000 fittings....Just ask Alan S he came running every time a bottle was opened.....and not just beer.
338 risers
338 Flex 800 B Sprinklers installed
plus 50 INF V.I.H sprinklers for the greens and the mainline and wiring by contractors.
Typically we had 80mm rain during the install .
15 morning coffees from Maccas on his way to mow greens, no names Bob.
10 speeding tickets for none other than Terry (down the driveway that is) (and in cart) so keen was he to see the baby installed

My thanks to everyone involved with the works and the course maintenance, a phenomenal turn out of dedicated members sacrificing their time for the betterment of the club, or just wanting to play golf without sprinklers on.  The Board of Directors and Management for seeking the funds and committing to further improve Capel Golf Club for the benefit of members and visitors. Special thanks to our Course Director Terry for the wonderful support given and being a driving force behind the scenes along with Graham C.
My own thanks to Mick T for couriering the biscuits.😋 and the trench filling... 

I will update course works, renovations and herbicide applications and effects to the course soon.
Till then 
Happy Hooking


Monday, September 11, 2017

Irrigation Upgrade Week 4

All Green, Tee and Fairway sprinklers and lines have now been installed. TE contractors did their final touch ups Monday and are no longer on site.

                                                   Packed up and ready to roll out
We still have some surrounds and scour valve lines to install when we have access the trenching machine as Jetline required it for their own work. 
                                                 One of the final "cuts" in the last trench

Work will now commence on cleaning up excess spoil, consolidating /compacting trench lines for final grades and we will commence testing tee and fairway sprinklers. 
Wire circuits / comms and V.I.H greens sprinklers have all been tested successfully.  

We had a little set back with a 200mm tee leak from the stage 1 works not related to the stage 2, this area has been isolated and will be fixed this week. 

During the next week we are also attending front 9 V.I.H maintenance before the irrigation season, some disruption with water going off as we test may be experienced and I apologise for any inconvenience while we attend this important pre season test and maintenance. 

Finally another shout out to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers who have turned up over the install period, back filling and clearing trenches. Thanks to Jetline for the supply of the trencher and Mick Lines for his operation expertise !!!  

Happy Hooking 


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sprinkler Questions

I have received some questions regarding the differences in the outer appearance of sprinklers from the stage 1 Front 9 sprinklers installed 8 years ago to the back 9 sprinklers being installed as part of the stage 2 install. Namely the difference in size of the exposed "top"

The Toro Flex 800 B sprinklers being installed on Tees and Fairways have exactly the same internal components and specifications as the front 9 ones, the only difference is in the casing which has a lower rated pressure capacity (still within our requirements) with a smaller footprint. 

 Two main reasons I decided on these sprinklers, firstly it was more cost effective, saving a considerable amount of funds, bringing down the overall cost of the system along with other measures in order for it to be affordable and actually go ahead and  also allowed for extra funds to improve the green V.I;H sprinklers.

               Flex B series being installed on back 9                   DT series on front 9

The second reason was for maintenance, The front 9 sprinklers have a small diameter control tube, (above picture on right) when staff are trimming sprinklers as part of maintenance, they have to be careful not to snick the tube causing the sprinkler to not operate properly. This adds extra time to the task and when the tube is accidentally snicked it requires us to partially dig out the sprinkler, cut  the tube and reattach, if not enough tubing remains we need to totally dig the sprinkler up and fit a new tube.
The Flex B sprinklers ( above picture on left) do not have this tube avoiding the above issues.

The other major change to sprinklers are the Greens Valve in heads. (Individually controlled sprinklers).
I decided to upgrade to Infinity sprinklers from the DT series as installed on the front 9, (Infinity series sprinklers were not available at the time the front 9 was installed and are simply an advancement) for maintenance reasons. 

 With the iron in our water part of our sprinkler maintenance requirements are to clean / replace pilot valves that control the operation of the sprinkler, other issues sometimes experienced are decoder problems and coils, all of which are buried and require us to dig the sprinkler out, being careful of wiring, perform the necessary maintenance and then re install and set to level the sprinkler, a time consuming and expensive maintenance procedure.
                             Front 9 V.I.H Greens sprinkler with typical associated buried wiring

The infinity series sprinklers overcome this issue by having all the serviceable components within the sprinkler (explains the larger diameter exposed "top"). When we need to perform maintenance or repair we can access the components by removing the top of the sprinkler with no need to dig the sprinkler or components out of the ground. Making maintenance more user friendly and less disruptive for players.

As of Today we only have a few sprinklers to install, the piping to all tees and fairways is complete however we are waiting for some parts before we can finish the install on 18. Hopefully by Tomorrow afternoon. This will the leave the 10th ,11th surrounds and lawn area to complete once we have the Trencher back.  
Total Eden completed their work and have left site. We will be testing and commissioning the system next week.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Irrigation Upgrade Week 3

The contractors finished installing the man line, The greens V.I.H and wired them into the wire loop they will be installing lightning protection rods this week along with some final clean up and their work will be complete. 
                                                              See how its done !

The wiring will be brought online with the updated new works and specifications uploaded into our Central Computer System By Toro Techs. We may need to run a separate cable run to the back 9 bore pump before we can bring that on line which is being reviewed.

I wished I could say our component went as well, but with 2 trencher breakdowns we lost 3 days trenching and associated pipe install work.
                                               This "aint" digging nothing!!

We hired a small trencher and worked well into the night Wednesday to at least get some smaller areas trenched and ready for piping in an effort to keep moving forward. Staff also prepared and pre glued many of the fittings which saved a great deal of time once we could start piping up again.

                                                            Trenching in the moonlight (A new top 20 hit)

By Thursday the trencher was up and running and with staff (Ben Dean and I as Sarah is at TAFE) and many volunteers rallying over the two days we made significant progress, not completely catching up on loss time but through everyone's efforts making significant inroads, completing the 10th and 12th holes and trenching 16 and 17.

                                      The Chain gang                            One big Tree stump

                   If we leave we can make it a bunker !!        Looking back how far they come

 16 was piped up Saturday morning with Sprinklers installed and is now ready for backfill Monday.

                                     All the hard work Sprinklers installed on 10 working fine

Monday we hope to have the 17th complete and trenches dug on 18 with some piping done. Fingers crossed the trencher holds together and the weather is fine as we have drafted in a few more volunteers to work on the chain gang ( backfilling and clearing trenches) and have lined up Alan Sanderson who has been helping glue up and for Monday we have Ron Grant as well taking the place of Tony Holst who helped on a spare day last week

Till next time
Happy Hooking 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Irrigation Upgrade Week 2

Must have been a sign for the week ..
A big turnout of volunteers this week to help with trenching and back-fill and a some fantastic weather made for a smoother week with a great  number of tasks accomplished.

 My thanks to the many volunteers who have come along, not only for the irrigation but for the greens mowing and bunker raking on competition days. To many to name individually,  know the staff and the club appreciate your efforts immensely. On that note if you do plan to turn up, we would appreciate advanced notice rather than just rocking up, we need to organise tasks prior to the day so all can be organised, it does make it more difficult allocating work on the spot when trying to work ourselves.

We finished holes 11, 13 and 14 including flushing the irrigation lines and sprinkler install and have started down 15, Staff have pre-joined a number of fittings over the weekend to reduce time in the field for install so I am hoping to have 15 16 and 10 completed this coming week as a minimum. Meanwhile the contractors only have the 18th mainline to install and then will be installing the Greens sprinklers and wiring the fwy decoders. They hope to be complete by Friday !!!!.

We also had some interested passerby's, either looking for the water from the rain last week or waiting patiently for our new system 

Or looking for our new water feature on 14
 Little did they realise it was only temporary as a result of mainline flushing 

Our own smaller lines didnt quite flood as much 
 All the same it felt good seeing the water come through...

Finally I have been receiving some questions about the sprinklers and the differences between the stage 1 and stage 2 sprinklers, I will talk about that in an upcoming post soon.
Till then
Happy Hooking !!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Irrigation Upgrade Week 1 Install

It wasn't the smooth start we were hoping for this week, first we had some Trencher machine issues to overcome and then the heavens opened on Friday dumping 40mm in 4 hours, a look at the radar showed a line of heavy rain heading straight for Capel ! 

We were planning to have the 11th hole Fairway banks and Tees completed which included trenching, pipe install, flush and sprinklers as well as backfill by Friday but despite the valiant efforts of staff and volunteers and a huge thank you to all that did, with the delays and rain we only managed to trench all the necessary banks. As a result the 11th hole remains closed this weekend. 

My thanks to Ben (2ic) for giving up his own time this weekend in an effort to help me get some piping installed and catch up on loss time ready for Monday. 

Total Eden have done very well, with mainline completed on Holes 11 12 and 13,  Micheal has been an asset very willing to assist and advise accommodating our requests. 

Some other pics from the week 


Hopefully we have a better run of it next week and thank you to all who have put their hands up to help not only with the Retic install but the couse maintenance side as well.