Friday, November 28, 2014

Important Notice

Greens Renovations
As mentioned HERE the second mini greens renovations will commence Monday 8th December. The course will be closed for the day. We will be using the same process and tine size as we did for the October Renovations and expect similar outcomes with a turn around of 2 weeks to have the greens back to normal.
This second renovations is important to complete the preparations for the greens heading into summer.

Back 9 Fairway Renovations
The back 9 fairway renovations have also been organised to commence on Monday 8th December, this will allow us time to get a head start before the competition on Tuesday hits off minimising the disruption to players.

This year we will be hollow coring the Fairways instead of verti cutting. It is anticipated we will cover 3 to 4 fairways per day however as this is the first time the fairways have been hollow cored (plugs pulled to surface) I am expecting to "hit" (pun intended) a few snags, mainly tree roots, hopefully not irrigation pipes, which will slow things down. There possibly could be some mix with Competition players on Tuesday afternoon though we will do our best to avoid this. 

A few points all players should be aware of
* Plugs are being pulled to the surface
* Plugs will remain on surface till dry
* Steel drag mats will be used to break up the soil from the plugs and rubbed back into the turf canopy
* The remaining thatch (grass from plugs) will then be blown off the fairways.

The process will take a considerable time to complete, though I will try to keep ahead of the Tuesday Comp players, players should be aware they may have to contend with core deposits (plugs) on fairways and machinery in use.
Temporary Local rules may be in place by the Match Committee so please make sure you read the notice board.

As this is the first time the fairways have been renovated this way some changes to the process maybe required, it could possibly be slower than expected, I cannot guarantee smooth sailing.

Prior to the Coring we will also be scroll cutting all fairways at a lower height of cut, this will scalp some areas, all part of the renovation process.

I realise the potential for disruption to play, I am endeavouring to minimise what disruption I can, this work is vitally important for turf health to continue the improvement of the course to keep it moving forward. I am confident the change in renovation practices will have better results and long term benefits over that of one pass of a verti cutter every 3 years.

Thank you.

Hopefully we do not experience this....

Poor Guy shattered 10 tines on the first pass

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My thanks to the staff for their efforts in the lead up to and during the AVGU National Championship week, their commitment and dedication which saw them here ready to work at 4am every morning and then again after play till well into the night was made even more impressive, considering as a young inexperienced staff, it was their first taste of what it takes to prepare a golf course for a National Event. 

To our many volunteers and the tremendous assistance given we could not have accomplished what we achieved without your help thank you.

 Some Course Maintenance Facts Specific for the Event

·        Working bees attracted up to 18 volunteers on both major work days

·        Course staff of 4 were assisted with a few hours spent by regular volunteers.

·        Greens H.O.C  2.3mm double cut morning and single cut afternoon

·        Tees / Aprons cut 9mm double cut in lead up x 3 per week, daily during event.

·        Fairways 14mm Double cut in lead up x 3 per week cut daily during event.

·        Bunkers raked, faces smoothed and debris removed daily

 The above is a small snippet into the level of conditioning that is involved in maintaining the course to a major event standard, the commitment of available labour time for presentation along with that of budget constraints and consideration of turf health means this level of conditioning cannot be sustained for your normal weekly competitions and why there is a difference between standard events and major event conditions. Members will still enjoy the high weekly standard they have come accustomed to.

Heading into summer, environmental stresses will dictate how we prepare the course; we need to focus on course maintenance issues other than presentation. With the National Vets over the course staff will turn our attention to irrigation repairs and sprinkler maintenance before the high use summer irrigation season arrives, herbicide applications to rough areas for control of crab grass and other nuisance weeds, preparing for the Greens second mini aeration and Back 9 Fairway renovations along with daily / weekly routine course maintenance will ensure we roll on and keep busy.
Finally, at least our roos are  friendlier.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

National Veterans Championships

If we think we can't
we won't
If we think we can
We will

That has been my mantra to staff these past few weeks

Some pics from the National Veterans preps.


I think we did!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another fantastic turnout of helpers through the past week, concentrating on picking up branches etc in the Bush area between holes, the odd whipper snipping around fixtures, finishing the refurbishment of the sand bucket stands and some more carpark and tree pruning work. Once again to many to name individually so a collective thank you to everyone who have came out to lend a hand over the past fortnight.
It is fantastic as a staff to see so many members take pride in their course and willing to help out when required, as a small staff with a major event on the horizon, the added help is appreciated and allows us more time to concentrate on the overall conditioning of the Golf Course.

I have no doubt the combined efforts of Staff and Volunteers will result in a sensational finished product as we peak the course in Condition over the coming weeks.   

This week we continue increased grooming of the course, one priority task will be bunker edges to give a nice sharp appearance to green complexes, it is a time consuming "dirty" task but once complete can really improve the aesthetics of an area.
All the other main groundwork for the Vets has been completed weeks and months prior, this last full week before the National Vets is all about bringing all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle we have been working on together for the finished product.

Still plenty of long hours and hard work ahead as the Staff look forward to the challenge of meeting our own expectations for excellence, one we could not achieve without the fantastic assistance of our members.