Saturday, March 29, 2014

Week 12 & 13

As I write we have had a couple of light showers, with promise of a little more, during the week we received 3.8mm, the most we have had since November last year. This summer was drier than average with us recording only 2mm for the entire summer, this puts added pressure on the irrigation system and water allocation, we are travelling ok but any rainfall, however light is welcomed.

The greens are progressing well from renovation, we are now cutting at 4mm, morning cuts will commence this coming week by the end of which we will be at 3mm just a fraction off our normal cutting heights with the greens  being set for the Easter events.

This week we will also commence Couch and Saltine control within the greens, we normally undertake this process prior to Renovations but with temperatures remaining well over 30 degrees we were forced to delay the applications until lower temps prevailed consistently. This decision was made to reduce the risk of injury to the Bent grass, as using the product under high temperatures can increase the risk of photo toxicity, the second reason we delayed was to ensure maximum result of the product on the target grass as it is most effective with temperatures in the mid 20's.
This means Couch and Saltine will be transitioned out over a 7 week period and be evident for slightly longer than normal, the decision made in the best interest of the greens health and efficacy.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 11 Holey week

Thankyou to all who came out last weekend to help with core collection through the greens renovation period, special thanks to Jetline for the use of the Bobcat which made the volunteers work that little bit easier.
Also thank you to our Course Director Terry Buller for rounding up all the helpers.
  Its the time of year golfers don't like all that much, cant blame you to much but the benefits CLICK HERE far out weigh the small inconvenience of slow bumpy greens for a few weeks before they improve in condition.
Putting out the good stuff
A late finish for staff boarding off excess sand. 
Renovations went exceedingly well, no lifting and a clean result with all outcomes met.
This week we also opened and christened the new extension to the putting green.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

WEEK 10 2014 and the clouds roll in

After near on 3 months without so much as a cloud in the sky, one mention of the R word weekend and here comes the clouds. At least it will be cooler for all helping with core collection and green renovations this weekend. We are not expecting any rainfall!!!
 This week was all about preparing for this weekends renovations along with the usual course set up and mowing. Carting Sand around the course, solid tinning the practice green and 16th as both greens will not be hallowed tined this weekend along with verti cutting / pre-seeding selected bare patches.

The importance of greens renovations and the disruption it causes is well documented for a refresh CLICK HERE This renovations we are pulling out plugs.
At this stage I expect the greens to take 4 to 5 weeks to fully recover and be back to regular pace and condition, in the meantime the greens will be slow and bumpy the worst of which will be the first two weeks after renovation before they start improving.

Normally in the lead up to greens renovations we selectively spray the Couch , Saltene and remnant crab grass in greens, due to the temperatures staying up around the 30 degree mark this has been delayed for a few weeks after renovations or when temps settle around the mid 20's to ensure maximum efficacy of the chemical and reduce the risk posed to the Bent grass through Photo-toxicity these weeds will persist slightly longer than normal this year as a result. 

Starting before dawn has some advantages.

And we might have found a perfect pipe finder tool.

Hopefully without the extra damage to bunkers.
We came in 4 times this week to find three bunkers given the Mrs Foxy Lady treatment trying to build her den.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week 9 A Classic Week

This week was all about final preparations for this weekend's Capel Classic.

What needed to be done was done and then some, Green heights were lowered this week to 2.5mm despite the heat with the greens rolling true, most of our major prep work was completed weeks ago as planned due to Ben being at TAFE these last 2 weeks leaving us short staffed for the lead into this weekend. My thanks to Anthony and Dean for the extra hours put in.

The course is looking good lets hope the scores do too and all enjoy the weekend.

A reminder we have greens Renovations next weekend (8th and 9th March), volunteers are required to help pick up and spread cores, if you could lend a hand it would be greatly appreciated. Saturday from 4pm and Sunday from 7am.