Saturday, December 20, 2014

There are plenty of well known benefits from coring and aeration, I have highlighted a few over the years but never did I believe one of those benefits was finding Irrigation Leaks !!!

After coming across water bubbling to the surface from a core hole I initially thought the Corer had hit a shallow pipe, digging the area up expecting to discover a nice core hole in a pipe I was somewhat surprised to find the leak in question judging by the amount of oxidised iron, (much deeper than the core holes reached) must have been leaking for a considerable time. Water will flow along the least resistance, it was only the core hole that directed water to the surface.

Ticking another box for the benefits of coring finding old pipe leaks!!!

The fairways are progressing well from renovations, full recovery will take another week or so and stand in good health with the hotter part of summer approaching.

Greens have also continued their strong response from the second of the mini renovations, morning cuts have commenced with all sand now completely under the canopy, with heights set to be lowered to our summer cutting heights of 3mm early next week.  

Finally on behalf of the Course Staff I extend our best wishes for a safe and happy Xmas / New year to all. May all our Members and family enjoy the love, peace and joy that come with the spirit of  Christmas.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The greens are making a strong recovery from the 2nd mini renovations, we commenced afternoon cuts at 4mm last Friday, which will continue this week.
Morning cuts and lowering heights to our summer height will depend on sand pick up, likely to commence by next week at the latest. In the meantime players should expect the greens to be slower at least for the next week.

 13 green 3 days after renovations.

The fairway renovations went exceedingly well, completing all fairways within the 3 days allocated with only minimal disruption to play. The benefits of coring will be very obvious through summer once the fairways have fully recovered.
View of 18 Fairway after coring
In the short term after fairway coring dry areas will develop, there normally is an initial soil moisture drop with any work involving aeration, for us the combination of set speed pumps and a manual system means we could not water individual fairways as they were completed, ( we had to wait for all fairways to be completed prior to commencing irrigation), or water in a timely manner as it takes anywhere up to 2 days to do so.   
Another hindrance which delayed the application of soil wetting agents, was the degree of wind we experienced during the week, 30km/hr winds are not conductive to spraying any liquid formulations and is a sprinklers worst enemy for uniform water distribution. Hopefully this week during our available windows of opportunity to spray the wetting agents out the weather / wind co operates.
For these reasons the dry areas may appear to be worse than they should be but will recover soon enough.
Using metal drag mats to break up cores
Once we have applied wetting agents, Gypsum and the fertiliser, recovery of from renovations will be rapid and as previously mentioned I am confident the long term benefits particularly through summer will far out weigh the immediate short term conditions. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Renovations Underway

A 13 hour day behind us today, we have completed the greens renovations and made a start Coring fairways making the most of the Course Closed Day.

An indication of the size tine we are using for the fairways
In action on the fairways
One down 8 to go on the back 9.

Meanwhile on the greens

Though we managed to complete 3 fairways today it is slow going, players should expect core deposits on fairways and equipment in use tomorrow.
We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

The mini greens renovations was completed without issue, we expect a positive result with the greens back in normal condition in 2 weeks.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Important Notice

Greens Renovations
As mentioned HERE the second mini greens renovations will commence Monday 8th December. The course will be closed for the day. We will be using the same process and tine size as we did for the October Renovations and expect similar outcomes with a turn around of 2 weeks to have the greens back to normal.
This second renovations is important to complete the preparations for the greens heading into summer.

Back 9 Fairway Renovations
The back 9 fairway renovations have also been organised to commence on Monday 8th December, this will allow us time to get a head start before the competition on Tuesday hits off minimising the disruption to players.

This year we will be hollow coring the Fairways instead of verti cutting. It is anticipated we will cover 3 to 4 fairways per day however as this is the first time the fairways have been hollow cored (plugs pulled to surface) I am expecting to "hit" (pun intended) a few snags, mainly tree roots, hopefully not irrigation pipes, which will slow things down. There possibly could be some mix with Competition players on Tuesday afternoon though we will do our best to avoid this. 

A few points all players should be aware of
* Plugs are being pulled to the surface
* Plugs will remain on surface till dry
* Steel drag mats will be used to break up the soil from the plugs and rubbed back into the turf canopy
* The remaining thatch (grass from plugs) will then be blown off the fairways.

The process will take a considerable time to complete, though I will try to keep ahead of the Tuesday Comp players, players should be aware they may have to contend with core deposits (plugs) on fairways and machinery in use.
Temporary Local rules may be in place by the Match Committee so please make sure you read the notice board.

As this is the first time the fairways have been renovated this way some changes to the process maybe required, it could possibly be slower than expected, I cannot guarantee smooth sailing.

Prior to the Coring we will also be scroll cutting all fairways at a lower height of cut, this will scalp some areas, all part of the renovation process.

I realise the potential for disruption to play, I am endeavouring to minimise what disruption I can, this work is vitally important for turf health to continue the improvement of the course to keep it moving forward. I am confident the change in renovation practices will have better results and long term benefits over that of one pass of a verti cutter every 3 years.

Thank you.

Hopefully we do not experience this....

Poor Guy shattered 10 tines on the first pass

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My thanks to the staff for their efforts in the lead up to and during the AVGU National Championship week, their commitment and dedication which saw them here ready to work at 4am every morning and then again after play till well into the night was made even more impressive, considering as a young inexperienced staff, it was their first taste of what it takes to prepare a golf course for a National Event. 

To our many volunteers and the tremendous assistance given we could not have accomplished what we achieved without your help thank you.

 Some Course Maintenance Facts Specific for the Event

·        Working bees attracted up to 18 volunteers on both major work days

·        Course staff of 4 were assisted with a few hours spent by regular volunteers.

·        Greens H.O.C  2.3mm double cut morning and single cut afternoon

·        Tees / Aprons cut 9mm double cut in lead up x 3 per week, daily during event.

·        Fairways 14mm Double cut in lead up x 3 per week cut daily during event.

·        Bunkers raked, faces smoothed and debris removed daily

 The above is a small snippet into the level of conditioning that is involved in maintaining the course to a major event standard, the commitment of available labour time for presentation along with that of budget constraints and consideration of turf health means this level of conditioning cannot be sustained for your normal weekly competitions and why there is a difference between standard events and major event conditions. Members will still enjoy the high weekly standard they have come accustomed to.

Heading into summer, environmental stresses will dictate how we prepare the course; we need to focus on course maintenance issues other than presentation. With the National Vets over the course staff will turn our attention to irrigation repairs and sprinkler maintenance before the high use summer irrigation season arrives, herbicide applications to rough areas for control of crab grass and other nuisance weeds, preparing for the Greens second mini aeration and Back 9 Fairway renovations along with daily / weekly routine course maintenance will ensure we roll on and keep busy.
Finally, at least our roos are  friendlier.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

National Veterans Championships

If we think we can't
we won't
If we think we can
We will

That has been my mantra to staff these past few weeks

Some pics from the National Veterans preps.


I think we did!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another fantastic turnout of helpers through the past week, concentrating on picking up branches etc in the Bush area between holes, the odd whipper snipping around fixtures, finishing the refurbishment of the sand bucket stands and some more carpark and tree pruning work. Once again to many to name individually so a collective thank you to everyone who have came out to lend a hand over the past fortnight.
It is fantastic as a staff to see so many members take pride in their course and willing to help out when required, as a small staff with a major event on the horizon, the added help is appreciated and allows us more time to concentrate on the overall conditioning of the Golf Course.

I have no doubt the combined efforts of Staff and Volunteers will result in a sensational finished product as we peak the course in Condition over the coming weeks.   

This week we continue increased grooming of the course, one priority task will be bunker edges to give a nice sharp appearance to green complexes, it is a time consuming "dirty" task but once complete can really improve the aesthetics of an area.
All the other main groundwork for the Vets has been completed weeks and months prior, this last full week before the National Vets is all about bringing all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle we have been working on together for the finished product.

Still plenty of long hours and hard work ahead as the Staff look forward to the challenge of meeting our own expectations for excellence, one we could not achieve without the fantastic assistance of our members.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

We had a healthy turn out of volunteers during the week, helping staff and regular helpers attend jobs around the course in preparations for the National Vets.
Some of the work attended included
 - Levelling / Adding sand to a total of 13 bunkers.
- Clearing and tidying up around the bottom end car-park
- Pruning trees along 18 Fairway
- Refurbishing Sand Bucket Dispensers
- Removal of Dead Banksias along 14 Rough. 
- Edging paths and hard surface areas.
- Entrance gardens Weeded and Tidied

Without the help of these Volunteers we would have been struggling to complete or some instances commence any of the above work. To many to name, a huge thank you to all that came out and to those that will be out over the next few weeks. It is very appreciated and nothing more shows the pride you have in the club than coming out and lending a hand when needed.
Again Thank you to all.

With last weeks assault on the worst of the sand bunker downslopes, only a few minor tweaks remain for the rest which the staff will attend this week, no further major works in bunkers will be attended as we need the sand to have a good few weeks to settle them down. Bunker edging and final trimming will be completed the week before.

There remains a few extra jobs around the course to be attended, finishing the tree pruning, completing the lower end car-park clean up, Course clean up (fallen branches etc. bush areas) and general whipper snipping around high visible areas along with removing any excess construction material from paths around tee areas .
The staff's focus will turn to increased grooming and conditioning for all surfaces in the lead up to the Vets, you may notice a change in colour as we apply foliar treatments for colour and presentation,  extra cutting of fine turf areas, continued bush mowing, basically bringing everything we have been working towards together for the finished product.


On a grander scale the magnificent Lake Karrinyup has been presented in perfect condition for this weeks Handa Perth International , well respected Course Superintendent Trevor Strachan, his staff and helpers have Karrinyup in suburb condition.
Some specs from behind the scenes

-Lake Karrinyup full time staff of 18 has been bolstered to 31 for the event.
-Greens are being cut at 2.75mm with a fleet of 7 Toro Flex Walk behind Mowers double cut in the morning and single in the afternoon
-Tees cut morning and afternoon with a crew of 4 Toro Greensmaster walk behind mowers 
-Fairways cut morning and afternoon with 4 Toro 7000 at 12mm
-Bunkers are being maintained by 3 Toro Bunker Rakes.
- Greens were dusted weekly for 2 months leading into the event.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tomorrow (Monday 20th) marks 14 days since the greens renovations and we will commence morning cuts at 3mm as all sand is now below the height of cut range. Normally we keep the cut at 3mm for the remainder of summer however with the National Vets Championships this year we will be chasing that extra bit of pace for the event and will be lowering the heights a little more closer to the event.
A further mini tine and sanding will be completed after the Vets and Capel International to counteract any detrimental effects of "chasing the pace" as well as to ensure turf health through summer after only mini tinning at our scheduled renovations.

With new turf laid on the 10th Ladies tee and Men's White tee last week we can finally put what has been a huge drain on our time to bed, with only 4 of us on course and many other maintenance tasks and course set up to attend we look forward to turning our full attention to gearing the course up for the upcoming Major events and catching up on a lot of the work we were forced to delay.
Once again though we Thank Russell Lines and Jetline for the all the work with the retaining walls.

We do have some minor works to complete the area, finish the turf on the new mound and some selective tree limb pruning in the area.

We have had a tremendous response to our call for Volunteers to assist with some odd jobs around the course, My thanks to all you have offered their help, with special thanks to Terry Buller our Course Director for rounding up everyone. Terry has been a great supporter of the course and club, serving as a Director in any capacity can be a thankless duty but if it wasn't for these members who volunteer their time to serve on the Board, there wouldn't be a club to run or maintain, on behalf of the staff I thank Terry and his fellow Directors for the time they commit for the betterment of the club and course.

Utilising volunteer numbers this week, we will be attending Levelling Bunker Bases, as a small staff we do not get much time to attend to these type of works, but with the assistance of volunteers to boost our numbers we will be addressing an issue which continually pops up, The downward slope from rear to front of the bunkers on some holes. Shifting sand around in the bunker along with topping up with fresh sand where required will take place. 
Some Bunkers may be G.U.R for the Tuesday Competition depending on the amount of sand added.

Lastly we as golfers always have a story about the putt we should have made, the near miss of a hole in one or the eagle that got away, but this blokes one takes the points

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Greens renovations went very well despite the 19mm rain received the day before causing the applied sand and greens to be wetter than we would have liked. This had the effect of the core holes not opening fully till later in the afternoon when the greens warmed up and dried, after the sand had already been brushed in. End result some core holes are not filled completely.
That said the use of the smaller diameter tines means this is less critical than when we use the larger 12mm ones and will cover by the end of the week but have the benefit of tiny channels created for water and air movement.
 The greens have progressed well since renovation 4 days ago, we are cutting at 4mm in the afternoons. The reason for the afternoon cut is for the sand on the greens to be dry to avoid the mowers picking up wet sand and adversely affecting the quality of cut. Heights will be lowered by the end of next week to 3mm.

We have also been very busy with the 10th tee complex, the Men's main tee is complete, the Men's White tee is levelled and ready for Turf, the Ladies 10th tee required lowering to the retaining walls height, we are in the process of grading the final levels and will be ready for turf by this coming Friday.

The new areas will be out of play for 4 to 5 weeks.  

A timely reminder its that time of year again, Sarah snapped (with the camera that is ) this little beauty on 13.

Please be aware snakes are now becoming active. To those that bring their young children to the course as they play a practice round pay extra attention / supervision of the young ones curiosity. 

Finally volunteers will shortly be called for to assist with some minor course maintenance in preparation for the National Veterans Competition Week coming up in November. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, I will be providing Terry with a list of potential duties we would like assistance with to complete  prior to the event and also some duties during the week of the competition.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

If ever we had any doubt regarding changing our greens renovations this year from Sunday to Monday, it was confirmed this morning we made the right decision by none other than Mother Nature herself .
At this stage Greens renovations will proceed tomorrow with favourable weather conditions, we will need sunny skies to proceed with sanding to ensure the sand can dry to be brushed in. Fortunately as explained in a previous post we are only lightly renovating this year with much smaller tines requiring less sand to be applied.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

The last thing we wanted to see with a 5.30am start tomorrow for the Capel 3000........
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Western Australia

Severe Weather Warning
for damaging winds
for people in the South West, South Coastal and Great Southern forecast

Issued at 2:48 pm WST on Friday 26 September 2014.

For people in parts of WA southwest of a line from Bunbury to Katanning to Bremer Bay. This includes people in, near or between the following towns: Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Bridgetown, Katanning and Albany.

Weather Situation
The passage of a cold front during Saturday morning may cause DAMAGING WINDS to
100 kilometres per hour that could result in DAMAGE TO HOMES AND PROPERTY.

DAMAGING WINDS are likely to develop about the Southwest Capes after 2am
Saturday morning and extend to Bunbury and Bremer Bay by about 5am. Conditions
will ease by late Saturday morning.
Moderate to heavy rainfall is forecast with totals between 20 and 40mm and
isolated falls to around 70mm
. FLOOD WATCHES have been issued for the South
West District and southern parts of the Lower West District, please refer to
the latest FLOOD WATCHES for further details.


This may impact on Course Set up tomorrow morning, should we experience the full extent of the cold front some delay will be likely at best, and course conditions will impact on play.

Hopefully all the work to get to this
Will not be in vain

More importantly please Stay safe, drive carefully and good luck.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The 10th tee complex construction stage is nearing completion, the path extension and filling of the ladies tee is all that is left for Jetline to complete. A huge thank you to Russell Lines and the boys from Jetline for all the sensational work they have done.

The staff will be busy over the next week or so, extending irrigation lines, levelling the new tee areas to blend into the existing tee levels, cutting and laying turf between other course work primarily preparations for the Capel 3000 this weekend.
 Our plan is to complete the Men's Main Tee Box and have the Ladies Tee backfilled to wall height to allow play from both tees for this weekend. 
Next week we will complete the new section of the Ladies Tee Box and the following week the Mens White tee box.
Green Renovations are only a little over a week away hopefully we have fine weather over the next few weeks to help us complete all these important works.   

Finally a huge thank you to Graham Colton, Peter Dillon and helpers for another wonderful paving job with the path constructed between the 8th green to 9th tee.

With the path construction complete, a timely reminder to all cart users to use and park on the paths provided, under NO circumstances should carts or buggies be driven on tees.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The green staff put up a $1000 hole in one prize and a $500 Birdie for a short time on the 3rd hole this week.
 No one claimed the prize maybe due to the tree obstructing the hole !
Once we cleared the tree that came down in the latest front to pass through our cash went back in our pockets.
Thankfully no major damage to the putting surface with only a few pitch marks, nothing were are not use to repairing.

Now that I have your attention, Greens renovations are fast approaching and this year due to the National Vets in November , (only 4 weeks from our schedules renovations), our normal Greens Renovations will be split into two “mini” less vigorous Renovations in order to have the greens back in play and to speed for this event whilst still gaining the important health benefits from aeration and sanding.

Our October renovations normally consist of using 12 to 14mm solid or hallow tines and usually takes up to 4 to 6 weeks for full recovery and not to the speed we are chasing for the vets.

This October’s Renovations will consist of Verti cutting, Solid Needle tinning (6mm tines) and a very light sanding. This will give us some benefits of venting the greens (air exchange) preventing anaerobic conditions from developing after the winter period, assisting with turf health and also smoothing any irregularities, the greens will be back to speed within 2 to 3 weeks.

In order to ensure turf health through summer and obtain the full benefits of aeration  a second mini renovation will occur in December at a time to be announced, likely after the Capel International in a similar procedure to October with slightly larger tines.

October Renovations will be on Monday 6th October.
The past 3 weeks have been very busy with only 3 staff on, we have completed all broadleaf and Guildford grass control applications and have begun gearing the course towards peaking in condition for the Capel 3000 later this month.

After a slight delay with works Jet line are hopeful of recommencing next Monday on the 10th tee.

Finally take a look at this video, I want that Flag Stick ! No better add for the quality of that one.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week 33 &34

Pretty quiet on course over the last week with only run of the mill news and nothing of any real significance to report. Looking ahead the same can be said.
We are concentrating our efforts on removing fallen Branches,  highlighting tree roots and low branches in the Bush prior to the first Bush cut of the season a process we go through for the safety of the operators and protect the equipment. Bush mowing has commenced and normally takes 2 weeks to complete.
We are also spraying Glyphosate around fixtures and areas we cant manoeuvre the out front mower. 

We will be running at 75% staff levels over the next 3 weeks with leave and TAFE absence, so when I say its quiet on course I guess it isn't really we are still being kept extremely busy!

The green staff sponsor day is this coming Thursday, get your pitch repairers ready, your divot repair technique polished but most of all we hope all enjoy the competition sponsored by the greenstaff.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Week 31 & 32

The recent weather has been nothing short of spectacular, the golfing gods providing perfect conditions for the ladies championships and all our other events, so many consecutive days of blue sunny skies we were forced to irrigate some greens during the week, a rare occasion during the winter months.

With the ladies championships played on Monday and Wednesday for the 2 weeks it has been pretty quiet on course as far as our major winter works goes, some increased grooming practices to have the course in condition as would be expected for the championships our priority.
Once the championships were underway we focused on off "course work" so not to disrupt play, machine maintenance was one key area, but the main focus was on removing dead trees near our sand pit for safety reasons during times when operating equipment in the area, another task was cleaning around the 12th tee during breaks in play.

With the championships over on Wednesday we resumed our winter work projects,  clearing restricted flow pipes in front of the 15th tee in similar works to the 18th, inspection pits dug, pipes cut and flushed using high pressure water fed through the pipe by hose, drained  and then re-joining pipes and backfilling to complete the job.

Soft Iron build up on the right Cleared pipe on the left.

We will continue our winter projects next week, levelling the three 2nd greenside bunkers ( sorry not filling them in just levelling the bases) and replenishing sand between normal course set up and maintenance. These bunkers may be G.U.R for the week (optional) if as expected the sand remains soft after consolidating.

Finally as your Course Superintendent I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the product we deliver, whether that be through changing work practices, updating equipment trialling new products and the like.
One area we have been looking at improving is the removal of debris from main playing areas, a practice we complete regularly although not very efficiently with the use of the out-front mower to remove debris from play areas, with the out-front it can take up to a week to clear the main play areas and even then not fully removing all we would like. Should a wind event occur before a major event we have no chance of clearing the course for presentation in time.

For this purpose we trialled a demo Pro Force blower this past week to asses its effectiveness in assisting us improve the course appearance for our members.
A short video in action

For Additional video click on the link

From our trial week we estimate we could cover the course in as little as 4 hours, much more effective and quicker than present practices.  

We will continue to asses this as a cost effective means to deliver on our goals of constantly improving the course and presentation for our members.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 30 Winter Projects Continue

After a delayed start to our planed winter projects we have managed to complete a couple of the big time consuming tasks this week.

We installed the first stage drain line for the 11th surrounds, with a capture pit at the front of the green, we will be using a  hired trencher for the deeper work to extend the drain line away from play at a later time when we can put the trencher to a full days work in other areas as well to make full use of the available hire time.

As the front of the green is much lower than the surrounding area we need to dig the trench a lot deeper to achieve the minimum 1:100 fall required for effective draining..

The one project I was pleased to mark off was the 18 fairway irrigation lines, with the flow rate severely reduced through these pipes it was one of the more urgent projects to attend before the irrigation season. A time consuming task as we first had to locate pipes, (no mean feat with plans not entirely accurate), locate the potential problem and correct it.

6 inspection pits dug
Pipes cut for inspection and flush points

As it transpired a 120m length of 50mm pipe from the main tee junction of 100mm was all but blocked with oxidised iron (see picture) only a 8mm diameter for water flow was evident.

50mm pipe blocked

Luckily the Cal Clear Unit is doing its job with the majority of the blockage soft iron that could be removed from the pipe by probing and flushing with high pressure water fed through the pipe by hose.

Flushing the pipe using the fire fighting tank and threading a 30m hose throughthe pipe to clean and flush

Not the cleanest of jobs! 

As the water drains from the inspection pit after flushing the iron stain remains visible

Other successful completions, was unblocking a smaller section of pipe further from the tee section and an area on the 17th.

With the Ladies championships being held Monday and Wednesday over the next 2 weeks and Men's competitions on the Tuesday and Thursday it will not leave us with available time for disruptive works such as these, our winter projects will be temporarily on hold for these events and will be focusing on course preps instead.

Good luck to all the Championship players, hope the weather is fine and the golf great.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Week 29 Buckets Dont Grow on Trees

This week we managed to make a start on our winter works to do list, after losing just the one day to course clean up from the latest front and also the WA golf Junior event held on Wednesday. Remedial drainage work to the approach on 15 green and side of 14 green was completed this week, the front of 15 green has been consistently wet through winter over the years and also at times during the irrigation season, causing poor quality turf in the area. During the week we installed a mini herringbone drain pattern with 80mm slotted Ag pipe and a natural soak well to alleviate the problem.

Herringbone Drain line
After digging  and discovering a 2 inch layer of Blue metal dust (road base) creating an impervious layer that prevents water draining freely under the whole area, and an heavily iron oxidised (irrigation water) upper soil profile from slow drainage, I am less confident the drain line in itself will be enough to solve the issue, though it will improve the situation presently experienced.

Profile - area in red blue metal dust
Wouldn't know we were there - completed work

Coring with removal of deposits and sanding to dilute the heavily oxidised profile during the growing season will be implemented as the next stage in improving all green approaches. This combined with the drain installation should overcome the issues experienced through winter. The 11th green approach is the next on the drain list.

Other jobs ticked off the list were the repair of pipe leaks and blockages on the back 9, (still more to do with the old pipes), and weed control in Sand Bunkers, this along with normal course set up and conditioning, the beautiful days on Thursday and Friday felt like a more constructive week rather than just cleaning up mess from the latest front. That said I don't think we will have such luck this coming week with thunderstorms and fronts predicted to pass through over the next 3 days, fingers crossed we are spared the worst minimising any required clean up so we can continue the drainage work.

Finally the course care / etiquette comment this week brings me back to the tittle of this post,
Buckets don't grow on Trees though
somebody thinks so

or In Gardens  

 They don't need a Car Spot or Two

and though effective certainly not designed to be an ashtray
We put 50 new sand buckets out 1 1/2 weeks ago with many disappearing, we hope as a result of members leaving them on the buggies in the lockers and not for any other unsavoury reason, we put another 50 out this week, hopefully most locker room buggies having their bucket already, these ones will stick around a bit longer.

By all means Please take a free sand bucket before you play, use it as you play with free sand provided, and return the bucket at completion of your round for others to share the joy of using the bucket with sand and caring for their course during their round. 

If left anywhere else, we don't want anyone to kick the bucket!!!
We are working towards a new bucket return area on the 18th side to assist with this. 
And that brings an end to this Bucket List...