Monday, August 27, 2012

Miracle 4000 - Riding For Miracles

I would like to bring to everyone's attention a very special fundraising effort for a very special cause which kicked off today at the WACA in Perth by 3 great blokes.

Three fellow "Turfies" from Sydney, Greame Logan (ANZ Stadium), Mark Crawford (Kurri TAFE) and Peter Brown (Koppman Golf) kicked off what will be a 4000km once in a lifetime bike ride from the WACA in Perth today hoping to arrive at ANZ Stadium in Sydney on 22nd September to raise funds for the Miracle Babies Foundation.

Miracle Babies Foundation is Australia’s leading organisation supporting premature and sick newborns, their families and the hospitals that care for them. 
Every year in Australia around 44,000 newborn babies require the help of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Special Care Nursery (SCN). 25,000 of these babies are born premature and up to 1000 babies lose their fight for life.
Working with health professionals on the joint agenda of better outcomes for families, Miracle Babies provides informative education and insight on a family’s experience and funding for equipment, resources and research.

I encourage everyone to get behind this very special cause and support the guys as they trek across the country.

Donations can be made directly to the guys miracle 4000 site attached to the foundations website... You can click on the link 

To read more about what Miracle Babies Foundation does click on this link 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Practice Chipper

Finally the bobcat was here on Wednesday for a few hours to excavate the green and bunker,
With some deft use of the tractor and bunker rake we managed to shape the green area and surrounds.

The bunker will be shaped next week along with a final tidy of the area before we allow the area to settle and spray out remaining grasses.

Once satisfied we will then begin the process of loading the root zone sand from our pit, another shape, some consolidation and the green will be ready for seed.

The surrounds will be seeded with Rye grass initially and then stolonised with couch after our fairway renovations, reason being we were given a very tight budget to work with, our brief, to construct a decent size chipping green and bunker to similar quality as in play greens  for under $1000, many would have said (actually I can't write what they would have said), but we will get it done within the budget allocated.

It isn't going to be without problems, the first being the bunker constructed on the high side of the green means it will be a shallow bunker, the location and proximity to the club, 18th green and practice fairway limited location of the bunker for safety reasons. At the end of the day the members will have a very good quality practice chipping area, one well over due, with room for improvement as the club grows.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Off the Course Work

The past week, with the Ladies Championships on Monday and Wednesday along with members comps Tuesday and Thursday our work was primarily off the course, the work we attend that you don't see but still is important to the operation of the golf course.
Anthony was at TAFE for the week, so the mornings were very hectic setting up the course for play, after which, we started pre season servicing of the equipment used to maintain the course, Sharpening cylinders, changing blades, oil changes, lubrication etc to ensure or at least minimise problems when we head into the growing season.
 Dean also found himself in the Pit !!!! No nothing troubling this time round, he was simply stockpiling our sand for renovations from our pit, another task you don't think about or see, with close to 30 tonne of sand needed for our renovations for various areas it takes a bit of time to stockpile.

 A trip to drum master for collection and recycling of empty chemical drums, stock control and pre season chemical selection and gathering of safety data sheets rounded up the admin side of things.
So basically sometimes you may not see us on course, it doesn't mean we are not working, we are attending to works you don't see or commonly think about but important work all the same which needs attending to for the smooth operation of the course.

I also attended the ladies Championship Dinner where a good time was had by all, along with the formal presentations, there were some not so formal "trophy's" up for grabs with plenty of laughs. Once the formalities finished the Ladies showed that Capel Has Talent tho the buzzers might have been working overtime if Danny, Kyle and Brian McFadden were the judges. In the spirit of the night I won't publish pictures but I do have them as blackmail.
Congratulations to Cheryl Dillon our Ladies Champion for 2012 and also Shaye Trezise the Men's 2012 Champion. 

We have experienced delays with the construction of the practice chipping green through equipment delays on site, we are reliant on donated equipment when available, we spent time on the green last week pegging out the levels and area, hopefully we will have equipment on site this week to finish the excavation.

Other work this coming week is the continuation of pre season servicing of equipment and weather dependent, a start on the weed spraying, should this proceed signs will be in place and areas closed for play for short periods, we will only be spraying if conditions are suitable.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Just A Quick one

Just thought I would update you after yesterday,
Thankfully the predicted severe weather wasn't as bad as predicted, not going to complain about that, overall 30mm rain fell on the course, the most we have had for 2months in 24hrs. The winds were mostly around the 45km/hr range the stronger gust up to 65km/hr didn't arrive till late afternoon, tho still making life uncomfortable for those playing in the Championships and judging by the scores some did it very tough, yet others seemed to love the wind. Congratulations to the winners of the day.
A few bunker washouts needed repair this morning, and only leaves around the course, nothing major, so I give a sigh of relief.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Men's Championships

Just finished the course set up for today's 36 hole final of the Men's Championships, The course was in good nick, bunkers done, holes and markers set, and most greens cut, whether it stays that way is up to mother nature, I can tell you it wasn't nice out there, in fact it sounds like it is going to get down right nasty, a severe weather warning has been issued, for the warning click here for warning.
In anticipation of a wet day we have moved holes to high spots as best we could keeping with the pin card, the greens were pretty wet this morning and tho surface water is removed relatively quickly if heavy rain is experienced it will be very soppy, we have done what we can it is up to the gods now, so good luck to all playing I hope the weather holds and most importantly stay safe.

Fingers crossed the question I posed last post is not answered today!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What will August Bring

July ended with 7mm of rainfall making July 2012 the 2nd driest on record since 1918, no wonder we were hand watering. June 2012 will be remembered for the once in a decade storm event causing unprecedented damage and being our 2nd wettest in 12 years, so now the question is what will August bring ?

We can't predict what mother nature will do but for the course August means GOLF and WEEDS! This week kicks off a period of major events for the club extending through the end of September, we have 4 rounds of the Ladies Championships, the Men's Championships, Men's 4's Championships, Mixed Championships, Presidents Cup, the Holden Scramble mark 2, ( we all know what happened to the first event), all culminating with the Capel 3000 held over 2 days at the end of September, and in between later this month, we have of course, the Greenstaff Sponsor Day, ( more on that another time).
Staff will be prioritising course set up and conditioning for these events.

August also marks the start of spraying weeds, Through August and September, spraying for Broadleaf weeds, Post emergent Winter grass control, Guildford grass and Pre emergent Crab grass control will be undertaken through the whole course.
Sprayed areas will be closed for play during application and for a period of time after, till dry. Signs will be posted for the area under control.

Anthony returns to TAFE for his 2 week block next week leaving just Dean and Myself during that time, so its fair to say we are gearing up for a very busy 2 month period which won't end there, by the end of September we will then be getting straight into renovations, the greens, approaches, tees and front 9 fairways, we also have the practice chipping green construction, 16th mound works and finishing off the irrigation servicing before the season starts, this will lead us into the busy warmer months, so basically from here on in its full steam ahead.