Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wet and Wild week

Was a pretty wild end to the week over the past few days with over 60mm of rain and wind gusts up 90km/hr recorded on course.  4 trees needed removing after the wind brought them down and plenty of bunker wash outs to repair as well.
one of the trees

Wanted to put a pic of the bunker wash outs but was to busy to take one !

It made life a little difficult cleaning up and repairing washouts with also trying to complete the 10th green pipe works whilst Anthony is at TAFE and another staff off sick leaving only 2 of us for the majority of the week.

By Friday afternoon all work was completed, tho with the winds persisting small debris across the course will not make it the tidiest it has been over the weekend.

Now for the 10th green pipes.
Following in the tradition of locating pipes, scratching the head and asking why would ya ? aka the 12th green 16th tee masterpieces the 10th green didn't let us down.
We found the right side 50mm fwy main was capped and not directly connected to the green supply pipes, it instead connected to a 32mm pipe which was further reduced to 25mm pipe and elbowed through the bunker, of course this pipe was blocked meaning no water was being supplied at all to the right side green pipes. 
25mm pipe through bunker
25mm bunker pipe

  Below is the pipe locations we found (in red) and after sorting out the puzzle relocated some piping (in black)

We removed the blocked 32mm and 25mm pipes completely and added a new 50mm connection to the right side fwy main.
 We also replaced a 25mm connection which had 5 direction pipes attached, the small size meant this connection was also blocked, the connection was replaced with 40mm size connection and spread out a little as you can see.
Old 25mm connection
New 40mm connection

All other pipes in the location were thoroughly cleaned with varying amounts of iron removed, we also opened up the original line to the 11th Fairway from this area which was blocked as well and we hope that this as well as the unblocking of the 13th will increase the water flow to the 11th Fwy.   So now will be on to the 11th green and 12th tee, tho with cleaning up the course after the weekend storms will be the first priority.                             

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

16th Mens Tee Irrigation Pipe

With the 12th green completed and a spare day I thought we would get another problem area (the mens 16th tee) out of the way. Expecting it to be a pretty simple job of digging a few inspection points, cutting some pipe and cleaning them to be all that was required........................................
 The 25mm pipe from this connection near the ladies 16th tee extended all the way to the Mens 16th tee, needless to say it was blocked with very hard Iron build up that could not be cleaned out.
 Then we discovered the crowning glory of the pipe work, after the 30m of this 25mm pipe it was connected to 40mm pipe on the tee and then back to 25mm pipe heading towards the 15th green, again the 25mm pipe blocked.
There went the simple 1 day job and we started trenching to replace the 25mm pipe with 40mm. Rain interrupted work and as such we will be endeavoring to finish this work before the comp tomorrow.
Whilst uncovering this masterpiece we came across a classic example of iron oxidising around a leaking pipe and in effect sealing the leak. We will be repairing it before the cal clear starts to soften the oxide and we spring a leak. Something that has been happening during irrigation season as the Cal Clear does its work.

Other work completed you may noticed as you play is the repair of the 7th sheep track ( wear area)

12th Green Irrigation Pipe

With low pressure when watering this green (only 3 to 4 of 5 turf valves at any time) this green was another on our hit list of critical areas to improve water flow. We expected to come across blocked pipes as the reason why the low flow rates were extremely low. 
This was not meant to be, what we did find was -

Of 2 potential 50mm main supply lines only 1 was connected.
The non connected 50mm main line continued from the 12th Fairway, past the 50mm green pipes and continued under the green without tapping into the green pipes. Don't worry I was scratching my head as well!
The connected 50mm main along side the 12th green from the 14th (which didn't exist according to plans) could have been enough if it wasn't for a section of 32mm pipe including a 32mm shut off valve smack in the middle of this 50mm main supplying the green. Yes that's right, on either side of the 32mm pipe was 50mm pipe. To compound the problem iron build up within the 32mm section reduced the Inside Diameter to only 20mm, the 50mm pipe was fine. 

Effectively the green was being supplied by a 20mm pipe with far reduced water flow than that of a 50mm.
Inspection points

Inspection points and ready for cleaning (in background)
After cleaning out all pipes as a precaution a new 50mm connection supplying the green was made from the 12th fairway.
The section of 32mm pipe and shut off valve were removed and replaced with 50mm pipes on the existing connected main supply.
New trench dug for 50mm pipe connection from Fwy

Saturday, July 9, 2011

13th Pipes

The pot holes appeared on the 13th this week, yes another problem area we are fixing prior to the irrigation season. Once again inspection points were dug out the pipes cut to give us a look at what was happening down there. One section of 40mm pipe was totally blocked from a 50mm tee connection, 10m of the pipe was replaced with new 50mm pipe and the rest of the existing pipe from the fairway to the 13th cleaned by probing and water pressure.
Inspection and access points for cleaning

The offending tee connection

The pipe
 Due to the blocked pipe water was being drawn from the 12th fairway and green area through the connecting pipe, it is expected now the water will flow the way the pipework was planned in the first place i.e. to the 12th fairway and green, not away!!!!
Next week we will start work on the pipe around the 12th green cleaning out any iron build up, then it will be on to the 15th tee, 10th and 11th greens, 16th tee and finally the big one....the 11th fairway!
All areas we have worked on have been successfully tested the 15th green now can operate with its full 5 sprinklers compared to only the 3 operational sprinklers prior and the 13th and 14th walks are operating at full capacity.
Other work outside that of general course maintenance addressed through the week includes tree trimming of all ladies and men's paths around the course.
A busy week was had, a successful one as well and more to come through the rest of winter.